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hasyim nawawihasyim nawawi
08:27 07 Oct 23
Rekomendasi tempat kursusan di pare nih, khusus buat teman2 yg mau belajar IELTS cocok banget, 👍🏻👍🏻
Jason Thomas KaruntuJason Thomas Karuntu
05:18 07 Oct 23
mohammad ridwanmohammad ridwan
05:02 07 Oct 23
Dari Line saya Belajar banyak, yang bahkah kursusan lain belum tentu ada, tutor berkualitas dan asik menjadi unggulan, karena yang ngajar udah pasti real test dan nilai di atas 7
Belajar pronounction di LINE asik sekali. aku pilih online loh walaupun dari Jakarta tapi tetap bisa conecting dengan tutornya yang baik dan materinya serta mengajarnya mudah dipahamin. Recommended deh untuk sarana belajar untuk yang easy conecting everywhere 🙂 Tapi kalau mau tambah pengalaman bisa banget ambil yang offline di campnya bisa dapat teman baru dan wisata ke Kampung Inggris Line Pare pasti dapat pengalaman yang tak bisa dilupakan 🙂
Abdul Azis MahuAbdul Azis Mahu
12:31 11 Aug 23
Wwaahhh Teman" ada info tempat kurus yg bagus nih yaitu LINE, tempat kurus nya nyaman dan keren untuk Belajar Bhs Inggris dan pandu oleh Tutor" keren yg mempunyai segudang pengalaman dalam mengajar Bhs Inggris. Ayo teman" kita kursus di LINE aja aku udah loh Belajar langsung sama tutor nya bahkan sama owner nya langsung dan skill Bhs Inggris ku meningkat tiap minggu speaking, pronunciation, grammar or listening dan sekarang aku bisa kuasai semua materi itu dan Bhs Inggris ku bagus sekali. Terimakasih LINE dan Tutor" hebat ku yg telah mengajarkan ku untuk bisa Bhs Inggris dng lancar... pokoknya LINE the Best lah Bro nyesal klau ngak kurus di LINE, yuk buruan kita kurus di LINE
ajeng andaniajeng andani
11:52 11 Aug 23
Bagi yang ingin serius belajar IELTS ini tempat paling terbaik. Tutornya profesional, cara mengajarnya ga mbosenin dan selalu dapet knowledge baru yang bikin aku makin open minded. Dulu tau LINE dari suami yang pernah belajar ke Pare, awalnya ambil private pre IELTS online karena domisili jauh dari pare dan lagi kerja, tp karena ingin lebih mendalami aku beranikan ambil IELTS preparation offline selama 2 minggu dan ga nyangka setelah real test nilai nya lebih dari ekspektasi dan bisa untuk daftar beasiswa S2. Meskipun ambil private tp di LINE aku banyak ketemu temen2 yang super suportif, jadi ga akan merasa sendiri.
Martin RaynaldiMartin Raynaldi
09:40 11 Aug 23
Tempat terbaik di kampung inggris untuk yang mau belajar IELTS. Valid. No Debat.
Pengajaran Terbaik , tutornya ga membosankan , Tempat kursus paling enak di pare. Jangan sampai salah pilih kursusan ya ges ya jangan tertipu dengan promo kursusan yg murah².. carilah yang berkualitas



The pie charts represent detailed differences in the share of some energy sources produced by a certain country in two different years, 1985 and 2003. 

In general, it is clear that there had been little change in the two groups of resources where natural gas and coal had increased while oil and nuclear had decreased over that 18-year period. On the other hand, hydropower production did not seem to show any rise or drop.

As the graphs illustrate, coal and natural gas were produced by over 10% more in 2003 which stood at 23% and 22% compared to its figure in 1985 at 13% and 8%, respectively. At the same time, the trend of nuclear and oil energies was just the opposite, experiencing a slight decrease from 22% to only 8% for nuclear and from 52% to only 39% for oil. The only source that was produced at the exact same amount in both years is hydro, which made up 4%. Ultimately, the rest of the proportion was occupied by other renewable sources which experienced an increase from 1% to 4%.

181 words, Mr. Dion.

IELTS Writing Task 2

Some young people like to copy the behaviour and clothes of famous people today.

Why might this be the case? 

What problems can it cause?


Imitating the way how popular figures dress and behave is more common nowadays. Indeed, it has become a global trend among youth. This particular phenomenon happens due to several reasons and normally remains popular for just a couple of years. What matters is that if it lasts for a longer period of time, there might be some problems as a result.


The massive exposure of artists on TV and certain social media such as Instagram and Twitter has led to their great popularity in societies especially among youth. This phenomenon is augmented by the existence of public influencers who have thousands or even millions of followers on online platforms such as YouTube and Instagram where viewers can easily share their content and earn money. The more massive the shares, the faster they get viral. These facts are responsible for why young people are imitating how their idols dress and behave lately.  Thus, it is hard to avoid youth from being exposed to and participating in the wave of following the ones whom they admire.


Normally, a certain global trend lasts for just a couple of years before another one comes and replaces it. In some points, this case somehow has stimulated a stronger demand for any products related to celebrities. On the one hand, this means that the economic sector will probably develop and benefit some stakeholders such as the clothing and entertainment industries. On the other hand, if the trend continues, it is alarming that this might lead to the practice of consumptive habits and neglect of the home-country culture. The best illustration of this is the global K-Pop phenomenon that has triggered the demand for Korean clothing, food, and even behaviour and made youth popularize them through online media more than they do for the same things from their country of origin.


Although making self to be like specific famous figures by practicing their clothing style and behaviour is everyone’s right and might be advantageous for some people, at some points, this can be a worrying problem and lead to more serious threats to shopping habits and the popularity of certain cultures of an origin country.


356 words, Mr. Dion.


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